London-based duo Model Staggs make a stellar debut with new single ‘Bad Bone’. Recorded in a self-made studio in an old farm building, the track successfully captures the uncritical, agile feelings affiliated to the countryside. It melds the opulent riffs reminiscent of Grizzly Bear with the hazy ambience of Yeasayer. After the duo left behind the chaos of London and escaped to more pleasant pastures to record, they found space both in their surroundings and their music.

There’s a Robin Pecknold quality to the vocal delivery, a tone that carries the warmth of late afternoon sunshine. The track was based on a riff the band had floating around but they didn’t quite know what to do with it, but when they found space “the rest of the song just flew out, more or less fully formed” claims Tom. You can hear the alleviation of pressures brought on by city-living and in its place is vast, spanning soundscapes and ghostlike vocal. It is dream-like with underpinned melancholy, its uncertain sadness one of its most fascinating features.

Model Staggs is comprised of Tom Miller on vocal/guitar and Ash Allerton on drums/electronic. After making a captivating, confident first offering in ‘Bad Bone’ we hope new music will follow shortly.