It seems that the Moderat are ready to dish out more details on their new album, officially titling the album II. Following on from their debut, 2009's self-titled Moderat, their new work comes after a great deal of success for the individual projects that come together to create Moderat, Modeselektor and Apparat.

Modeselektor, the electronic duo, have since had an extremely busy few years, their 2011 album Monkeytown featuring collaborations from Thom Yorke, Antipop Consortium, and Otto von Schirach, among others. Apparat has been equally as busy, creating noises and sounds for various projects (his television projects include both Breaking Bad and Skins), including his 2011 release The Devil’s Walk.

Find the tracklist for II below.

  • 1. The Mark (Interlude)
  • 2. Bad Kingdom
  • 3. Versions
  • 4. Let in the Light
  • 5. Milk
  • 6. Therapy
  • 7. Gita
  • 8. Clouded (Interlude)
  • 9. Ilona
  • 10. Damage Done
  • 11. This Time