Modern Shark, an independent label started almost three years ago, released their fourth compilation sampler and it's full of excellent alternative hip-hop. I'm a huge fan of rap music that is off the beaten path or not cut from the clichéd mold that plagues so much hip-hop music, and over the course of its eight tracks, this sampler showcases Modern Shark's artist roster and friends and makes for a satisfying and cohesive listen.

After a brief intro, we plunge headlong into a blissful instrumental track building piano notes and sampled sounds into a head bobbing rhythm that made me hit repeat. Tone Tank's 'Ellen Degenerates' is a great exercise in minimalistic rap. 'Feeling It Out' is a standout track here with a hazy hook sung while most of the rapping is done through distortion. These songs are a bright, exciting listen through new perspectives on hip-hop music.

Modern Shark's fourth compilation is available as a name your price download from their bandcamp page. I recommend checking out this sampler and getting familiar with these artists. [via Potholes]