It had to be Mogwai, didn't it? Post-rock is certainly the first genre that springs to mind when the term 'apocalyptic' is used, and the Glaswegians do drama and sheer noise better than just about every one of their contemporaries. Accordingly, there's no shortage of tracks that might've made the cut for this No Right Answers, even if they moved away from that kind of sound on last month's excellent Rave Tapes. 'Like Herod' is the one that struck me as most fitting - it was a tossup between that and fellow Young Team cut 'Mogwai Fear Satan - but there's something about the way that 'Herod' takes loud-quiet dynamics to their extremes that resonates here; the brooding buildup certainly hints that there's something big coming, but even after hundreds of listens, the avalanche of doomy, screeching guitars that crunches in to pierce the suspense still takes the breath away.