Seeing as it's incredibly cold just about everywhere lately, it's only fitting that Mogwai are releasing their own whisky. It's not for the faint of heart, either, at 57.1%. That'll definitely put some hair on your chest. It will be sold for £55 a bottle and there are only 324 numbered bottles available. The band will be signing them at their show at the Glasgow Concert Hall on 28 January as well, if you'll be attending that gig. It was distilled at Glenallachie Distillery, Speyside in September of 2004, and it's called 'RockAct81w'. You can pick up your bottle here at 10am on 28 January - find out more info here.

If you have yet to stream their great new album Rave Tapes, you can do so here.

Editor's Note: The Glenallachie distillery is a relatively young distillery that produces whisky predominantly for the 'Chivas Regal' blended scotch that you can find on supermarket shelves. Although it does release a couple of single malts, the range starts with the 12 year old, so at 9 years the 'Rock Act81n' single cask will be a real treat. Having never tried a Glenallachie whisky, I can only speculate based on other malts from the local area, but I would wager the 9 year Speyside packs a pungent, front loaded, punch. Like many young high alcohol whiskies, it'll probably need a drop of water to flourish. But when it does flourish, I'm sure it really will, belying the relatively low asking price. The question is, when there are only 324 bottles being released, will you have the nerve to open it?