Los Angeles artist Molly Burch will be releasing her second album First Flower through Captured Tracks on October 5th. Following on from recent single 'Wild' she has put out the provocative new song 'To The Boys'.

Burch discusses the idea behind the song, saying: “I've been called soft-spoken a lot in my life and I feel like I've carried that around with me. It seems like a lot of us have internalized this image of what a "powerful" person looks and sounds like, what a leader looks and sounds like. Hopefully that's changing. This song is about finding your power and holding it with confidence, and not apologizing for being yourself.”

In first listening to Molly Burch it is her smokey and seductive voice that instantly captivates you, so to hear her singing about its understated power makes perfect sense. 'To The Boys' is a perfect vessel for the idea, as it shows off Molly Burch's voice - musically graceful and intelligently wry. She sashays through the song, backing herself up with cooing background vocals, but it's the central message of brushing off self-doubt and coming to find power in your own presence and personality that radiates from the track, and can't help but leave you smiling when she announces smirkingly "I hope they're listening still." Listen below.

Molly Burch EU/UK Live Dates:

NOV 17 - Tours, FR / Le Temps de Machine
NOV 18 - Paris, FR / Le Pop Up Du Label
NOV 19 - Stuttgart, DE / Kellerclub
NOV 20 - Lucerne, CH / Neubad
NOV 21 - Munich, DE / Unter Deck
NOV 22 - Budapest, HU / A38 Gallery
NOV 23 - Vienna, AT / Blue Bird Festival
NOV 24 - Jena, DE / Glashaus
NOV 25 - Berlin, DE / Privatclub
NOV 26 - Hamburg, DE / Aalhaus
NOV 27 - Amsterdam, NL / Paradiso
NOV 28 - Amiens, FR / La Lune des Pirates
NOV 30 - Gent, BE / Trefunt
DEC 01 - Margate, UK / Tom Thumb Theatre
DEC 02 - Brighton, UK / Komedia
DEC 03 - Birmingham, UK / Hare & Hounds
DEC 04 - London, UK / The Lexington
DEC 05 - Liverpool, UK / Buyer's Club
DEC 06 - Dublin, IRL / The Grand Social
DEC 07 - Manchester, UK / Night & Day