As we wrote last year, Molly Drag writes alt rock songs that sound uncannily familiar, disarmingly comfortable, but with a freshly refined songwriting craft which elevates Michael Hansford's music above imitation or pastiche; they are, on their own terms, terrific, and terrifically moving.

He's been through some awful shit since last year's Whatever Reason, prompting him to reflect on himself and what's brought him here. His upcoming record turns to childhood and hometown, the building blocks of your person, with both 'Cayote' and first single 'Falling Back' tackling nostalgia with both fondness and hesitation. Some quintessential distortion accompanies a more animated riff and queasy percussion, it's just lovely.

This guy's music surgically cuts to the atoms of my being while peppered with wondrous and understatedly genius chord changes and production notes. 'Cayote' is one of his best songs to date.

Molly Drag's new album Thumper is out September 7th and you can preorder it here. He's currently touring the US with the dates below.

August 3rd - Chicago, IL

August 4th - Akron, OH

August 5th - Rochester, NY

August 6th - Albany, NY

August 7th - West Haven , CT

August 8th - Manchester, NH

August 9th - Burlington, VT

August 10th - Brooklyn, NY

August 11th - Philadelphia, PA

August 12th - Boston, MA