New York native Molly Moore now calls Los Angeles home, and she has a new song that channels southern California. The soft pops in 'Vibes' mimic your ears in low pressure; as we sink deeper (or soar higher), disorientation sinks in. Where are we? How do we get out? Moore has similar existential questions, and she voices them via the new track. Listen below.

“A lot of my life doesn’t feel real lately, and I find myself tripping over small things, affected by energy, easily overtaken by overwhelming emotions. It was especially surreal to reconnect with my high school prom date Keenan Charles to remotely collaborate on it. We haven’t seen each other in so many years!”

It’s easy to get lost in the small details; ironically, this is where Moore thrives. Small production moments bubble up throughout the song, and altogether they create a smooth electro pop number meant for a slow dance. Despite his rapid rhymes, her old friend Keenan Charles adds to the groove that Moore has established. His insistence balances her daze. Together, it’s a vibe.

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