Molly Sarlé introduced herself as a solo artist back in January with the debut single 'Human', and this week she's given us another peak into her private life with the delightful new track entitled 'This Close'. The track draws inspiration from a special time in Molly's life, as she explains:

"I wrote 'This Close' about falling in love with someone while I was living in Big Sur - specifically about the ways we look to be loved by one another, the ways we try to satisfy our longing, the ways we tell each other we understand each other, and the ways our desire to be loved can play out in addictive behaviour. Living up in those mountains, I felt like spirits were living in the landscape. That’s what I think about when I listen to this song. With the video I wanted to explore what those spirits might look like if they took human form - how they would express themselves, and how they might embody and reflect some of the wisdom that exists in the landscapes that surround us."

The atmosphere of the environment is captured in the haunting soundscape of 'This Close' which backs up Sarlé's storytelling with dramatic scope. The subtle layers of instrumentation add to the romantic energy of the song perfectly, and her voice is perfect for this kind of piece; able to sing and move like the wind, painting the scenic words in watercolours.

For the video Sarlé visited a Californian beach with director Kitty Disco, check it out below.

Molly Sarlé's debut solo album Karaoke Angel is due out in the Autumn on Partisan - hopefully we'll have a more precise date soon. Ahead of that she'll be in the UK at the end of the summer:

Aug 30th | Brighton - Green Door Store
Aug 31st | Salisbury - End of the Road Festival
Sept 1st | North Yorkshire - The Band Room
Sept 2nd | Glasgow - Broadcast
Sept 3rd | Leeds - Hyde Park Book Club
Sept 4th | London - St. Pancras Old Church