Icelandic singer and all-around pixie wizard Björk has another notable accolade to add to her illustrious career. Three years after she officially released her last studio album Biophilia and deftly creative accompanying album app, the New York Museum of Modern Art has added the work to its permanent collection.

The convex and innovative app features 10 singular apps (representing the album's individual tracks), all fronted by the central "mother" app. The exploratory vision of Björk and the app creators allowed the iPad (exclusive) users to personally interact with each track and offer an opportunity to alter the work as they saw fit. Each song came with its own individual game, composed pieces, animations, and even written essays from Dr. Nicola Dibben.

Paola Antonelli, the senior curator of the museum’s Department of Architecture and Design, noted on the app's inclusion to the permanent collection that, "I started thinking about acquiring Biophilia when it was released, in 2011. At that time, a year after the iPad had been introduced, designers and developers were excitedly experimenting with apps that took advantage of a screen bigger than the iPhone."

“With Biophilia however," Antonelli continued, "Björk truly innovated the way people experience music by letting them participate in performing and making the music and visuals, rather than just listening passively.”

For those late to the party, check out the official iPad app in the App Store.