There are always moments that make us wish we could just start over—in romance, at work, or even after a rough argument with friends. But what would that really look like? Leeloo in Fifth Element or Lucy in 50 First Dates? Dance pop duo Monarchy takes their own guess in their new clip for ‘Back to the Start’; watch it below.

Always beacons of opulence, the Australian group, comprised of Ra Black and Andrew Armstrong, appears first in their signature matching suits in the video. They are mentors to a woman who is not only confused, but at odds with her environment. (Don’t eat that candle!) Is she an extraterrestrial, who prefers to levitate than to dance? Even if not, their song is the perfect soundtrack for simple choreography; synths pace around an upbeat rhythm, and she never misses a step.

The third studio album from Monarchy is out now, and features ‘Back to the Start’. The album is called Mid:Night and can be found on Spotify or wherever you listen to music. Read what the band has to say about the record below.

“We got bored of being moody and serious, and wanted to have some fun. In a way, I feel we’ve gone full circle, and we’ve gone back to the sound of our very first track from 2009. Kind of slightly French, synth wave, cruisy, a night track. This album really gets that sound, and I think fine tunes it. I like that it’s super short as well. It’s like a nice moment, that doesn’t overstay its welcome.”

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