Label: Dine Alone Release: 05/04/10 Link: Moneen MySpace I first heard the exploits of Moneen way back in 2005. It was a split EP cleverly entitled Switcheroo with fellow Canadian rockers and label mates Alexisonfire, that introduced me to Moneen's empathetic vocals and rattling instrumentals. Now five years on and three albums later, Moneen have returned with another alternative treasure. The World I Want To Leave Behind is a creation that is sure to richen over time. Incidentally, if you're a fan of having your ears pummeled by a steroidal five piece onslaught, then Moneen is not the band for you. That's not to say that these guys couldn't tear it up if they wanted to; The World I Want To Leave Behind is very apparent in showcasing that very fact and is demonstrated in Moneen's musical diversity. With a blend of songs of a more aggressive nature and those more suited for day dreaming to, Moneen's latest effort surely provides everything that you'd typically want in that perfect alternative album. The only thing letting this album down is the fine line separating it from being seen as some what more pop then rock (within its slower songs at least). But tracks such as "The Glasshouse" reimburse that rough punk vocal and heavy electric buzz that Moneen and their influences portray. For something a little more fast paced by Moneen check out The Red Tree. It's a far better Moneen find for fans of this genre.