Talented musicians from Luxembourg have - and continue - to invade London and The 405 this week, as a consequence of the Luxembourg Sounds Like... showcase at The Old Blue Last this Wednesday.

Monophona are one of these acts to feature, and today we are premiering 'Shades Of Grey' from the Luxembourgian trio. Downtempo, nebulous electronics from electronic producer Chook swirl into Claudine's very Bjork-esque vocals to create an alluring dynamic, flirting with trip-hop along the way. We posted about Icelandic trio Samaris last week and if you liked that, you'll certainly dig this.

Download the mixtape Monophona created for us alongside Sun Glitters last week to check out some more of their work, and also download '50 Shades of Grey' here that may or may not be limited to 50 downloads. Get to The OBL from 8pm this Wednesday to see them live with Sun Glitters and Say Dog Yes.