"Movement in four parts, dedicated to my creepy neighbor." This is the only description offered with the new track by Ohio resident Ted Feighan - aka Monster Rally. And parts it certainly is in, as the track glides seamlessly between noticeably different worlds of sound. Essentially, we can kinda break it down like this:

Part 1:

Monster Rally wakes up one day and proceeds to embark on his morning routine. He draws his curtains apart to take in the beautiful world outside, noticing on this particular day the lavish blue sky and the general beauty of suburbia around him. But he also notices something unusual out of the corner of his eye: a pair of menacing eyes across the street, glaring at him. The slowly rising echoes are like his slowly rising heartbeat as he makes contact with this creepy guy for the first time.

Part 2:

Our hero then quickly draws his curtains closed again as he ponders what to do. "I have a creepy neighbour!" he's wondering. It's a repetitive, dazed mix of drones that form the perfect soundtrack of walking around a room in a panic, just as Monster Rally is nervously doing. "I've got to do something about this," he thinks as he gets dressed in his finest vintage attire.

Part 3:

This is it: Monster Rally is unlikely to own a copy of the Michael Jackson documentary. But in another context, he really has had enough. He's found the courage to walk on over to the creepy guy's house and confront him. Imagine it, as he breathtakingly opens his front door; stepping onto his paved slabs begins and he strolls across the street in a slow-motion montage that Michael Bay would be proud of.

Part 4:

Monster Rally nervously knocks on his neighbour's door... an old-school hip-hop beat starts to set in, corresponding to the confidence he's found within himself. No one's answering. He's banging the door harder and harder, the tension building as the piano that's just kicked in rises profusely. Finally, the door creaks open...

It's Monster Rally's best friend from high school, Joe! He was just playing a prank on Monster Rally. Damn you, Joe. Oh well, time to sit back in Joe's back garden and listen to some Monster Rally in the sun.