It's very rare for all parties to come out of an acquisition with a sense of satisfaction, and that certainly seems the case for Beats.

A complaint filed by Monster - the company that originally made the headphones for Beats - claims that Beats' co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine cut the company and its CEO Noel Lee from the massive $3 billion buy-out from Apple last year.

To understand their frustration, you need to look at the way Beats worked: Monster manufactured and distributed all the headphones, leaving Dre and Iovine in the enviable position of convincing teenagers and celebrities that their product was decent. However, Dre and Iovine kept permanent ownership of everything involved (everything). That's not an entirely uncommon move, but certainly one full of potential issues ("with power comes great responsibility" etc).

But if that's the way the company worked, how can they be upset?

Well, Monster are claiming that the HTC acquisition from back in 2011 was a bunch of baloney, aka fraudulent. It suggests that Dre and Iovine sold the company to HTC as leverage against Monster (the move forced the company to sell their 5% stake in the company), before buying it back a year later at a discounted rate.

It certainly seems a bit fishy, doesn't it?

You can check out Monster's complaint in full over here (via Gizmodo).