Building off the considerable moment of his previous single 'But You, Everybody Is,' the Montreal-based queer pop artist Antony Carle is sharing a video for his new single, 'Save Face.' The track, which showcases the musician's angelic voice, makes a compelling case for Carle as one of 2019's breakout stars.

With an eclectic foundation of house-style synth bass and straightforward piano, Carle is given plenty of space to flex his considerable vocal talents. His range in remarkable and his ability to evoke emotion with an inflection alone is something to behold. Both the song and the video, directed by Jean-François Sauvé, take several twists and turns that make for exciting listening/viewing. The end result is an optimistic, forward-looking message.

"The title gets repeated multiple times at the end of the song, almost like a mantra, so the listeners know that, regardless of the challenges they face, better days are coming," explains Carle.

Check out the video for Antony Carle's 'Save Face' up above, and fans of the track can pre-order his upcoming EP, The Moment, due out May 17 via Bonsound.