Montreal hip-hop artist Hua Li has emerged as one of the year's most dynamic voices, seamlessly blending genres, sounds, styles and ideas. On her new single 'Mr. Greenlight,' taken from her upcoming LP Dynasty, Hua Li deftly slides between rapping and a jazzy croon to craft what she has called her "daddy-issues anthem."

According to Hua Li, 'Mr. Greenlight' was here attempt to stitch "together different musical moods to depict the conflict-ridden feelings of love and repulsion experienced by the daughters of philandering fathers."

The video, directed by Paz Ramirez and inspired by the likes of Gus Van Sant, taps into these same themes, particularly "male destruction and female reparation."

"I was hooked by this metaphor of the emotional labor that historically is done by femme folks," says Ramirez. "I attempted to give it another layer within the context of the video, as a way of subtly pushing a female gaze and sensibility into a predominantly masculine-ruled genre and industry.”

You can watch the video for Hua Li's 'Mr. Greenlight' up above and be on the look for her debut album Dynasty, due out Sept. 20 via Next Door Records.