A few weeks out from the release of their debut LP Comforter, the Montreal group Bodywash has shared a new single and video for 'With Heat,' an ethereal and hauntingly beautiful exploration of toxic situations.

Build out of a shoegaze foundation, 'With Heat,' according to the band's Rosie Long Decter, "comes from a feeling of being trapped -- of returning to something you know is bad for you, whether that thing is a relationship or a place or a feeling (for me, it was all three)."

Decter adds that the track's video was meant "to create a sense of claustrophobia, of being enveloped and haunted by something that you can't quite articulate."

Bodywash thrives in this tension, using beauty and atmosphere to convey difficult emotions and explore complex situations. You can watch the video for 'With Heat' or stream the song below. The band's upcoming tour dates can be found below.

09 August - Horseshoe Tavern (w/Mauno); Toronto, ON
10 August - Bar Le Ritz (w/Mauno); Montreal, QC
01 September - Diving Bell Social Club (Album Launch/Hot Tramp Fest); Montreal, QC
04 October - Monarch Tavern (Album Launch); Toronto, ON