Music has the power to inhabit space and not just as an invisible wave. Especially with noise-cancelling headphones, some songs can have an immersive effect; depending on the type of sounds, that feeling may be considered claustrophobia. Above that, though, are sounds that transform your environment or transport you to other places. This is the type of sonic mobility that LA newcomer Monvale achieves on his brand new single, 'Tunnel', streaming below.

This is the first track Monvale, aka Jacob Bautista, has put out ahead of his new EP, Ascetic. With a title like that, it is easy to pull themes of isolation from the music, but the artist told the 405 it was simpler than that for this single: "I would pass through a dark tunnel on my drive home from working late nights feeling exhausted, yet relieved. ‘Tunnel’ was made in an attempt to capture the vibe of those late night drives and it set the tone for the rest of the EP."

Neon lights seem to cast down over 'Tunnel', as quivering notes propel us forward. It does have a certain after-hours aesthetic, with its deep and long bass notes colliding with a variety of percussion. And despite all these distinct characteristics, the overwhelming feeling you’re left with is tranquility.

Ascetic comes out May 25. Follow Monvale on Instagram and Twitter for more information.