Mood Rings is an Atlanta, GA based five piece band, and the latest to be added to the Mexican Summer roster.

Their first single, 'Pathos Y Lagrimas', is a beautiful slice of dreamy pop. Breathy vocals, slightly low in the mix, but never buried, give a sexy atmosphere to the track. There are elements of shoegaze in the shimmering guitar lines and sounds, often trading off with the vocals. Dynamic shifts abound as well, as the vocals sound whispered, the guitars answer with loud swells of melody.

'Pathos y Lagrimas' peaks in the final minute, as edgy, almost menacing guitar lines crash into the chords and the line "ever (or it could be 'never') again" is sang over and over until the slow fade out.

'Pathos Y Legrimas' is available now digitally and as a 7 inch. Mood Rings' debut, VPI Harmony, will be released via Mexican Summer on June 25.