Witnessing an artist do an awful lot with very little is an experience that is second-to-none. Maximalism obviously has its draws as well, but making worlds from next-to-nothing can be a truly staggering accomplishment. While it may be too early to ordain them -- this is their first single after all -- Haulm, the Brooklyn-based duo of vocalist/composer JT Norton and producer Reed Kackley, seems poised to step into that celebrated world of effective minimalism.

The duo's debut single, 'They Came Along,' is one of the year's most thrilling tracks to date, all done without overloading the listener with sounds or gimmicks. Make no mistake, there is plenty of ambient noise -- dogs, bird chirps, etc. There are also an array of warm, analogue textures and synths by Kackley filling in a rich sonic foundation for Norton's somber, ethereal vocals.

And yet, it is only during a brief stretch near the end of the almost-six minute long track that the track's various components really stack on top of one another. Instead, listeners are treated to a slow-burn of a dance track, packed with moody mediations on isolation and life. The end result is an utterly compelling listen, the sort of debut any group would dream of making. They say you only have one first impression and Haulm has not wasted theirs.

Give 'They Came Along' a listen below. And, while I write this frequently down here, please do try and keep a look out for more from Haulm as the months go on. This is a really great act you'll want to be tracking.