Few bands have been through as much shit as the Portland-based group The Prids. Formed in 1995 in Missouri, the band has experienced everything from a divorce to death to a near-fatal van crash across its 23 years. Then, as if it to add insult to injury, bassist/vocalist Mistina La Fave suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2015 shortly before the band was set to record their new LP. Thankfully, La Fave survived and made a successful recovery. And, somehow through it all, the band has persevered and have finally arrived at an amazing new record, Do I Look Like I'm In Love?

This 11-track collection opens with 'Summer Cult,' a song so evocative in its instrumentals that it sent chills up my spine. Moody bass, atmospheric vocals and a little guitar go a long way here, as La Fave and her bandmates — guitarist/vocalist David Frederickson, keyboardist/bassist Tim Yates and drummer Gordon Nickel — set the stage for the rest of the LP.

The album deftly blends rollicking numbers like 'Lie Here' with more ethereal tracks like 'Mangled Hearts,' all without losing a core emotionality. The album's cover positions a delicate flower in the middle of a black background, smattered with the faint imprints of other flowers. Visually resonant and strikingly beautiful in equal measure, this is the perfect representation of the moody, dark pop that is found on Do I Look Like I'm In Love?

2018 may be young but Do I Look Like I'm In Love? is the kind of record I know I'll still be listening to in December. There has been something new to take away with each listen, which is all one can really hope for from a record. And when you consider just how much blood and sweat went into making it, The Prids should be celebrated. This record is an absolute gem. Take some time out of your day to stream Do I Look Like I'm In Love? above or order it through the band's self-run label.