There has been an explosion dark synthwave bands lately, many of which seem intent on swimming in the wake of band's S U R V I V E. But darkDark, a duo that is based out of Los Angeles and Austin, is clearly not focused on following in someone else's footsteps. Sure, they have a moody synth foundation with some deliciously vintage sounds, but a song like 'Shelter' points toward the group's more cinematic aspirations. And it doesn't hurt that the aforementioned 'Shelter' has an appropriately incredibly 360 VR video, which is debuting today on The 405. (You'll need Google Chrome or another VR-compatiable browser if you want to experience the full effect of this beauty).

Featuring a bombastic mix of vintage and modern synthesizers, serving as the perfect accompaniment for Genevieve Vincent's stunning vocals, 'Shelter' is one of the year's most satisfying singles. The chorus — "I keep trying to take shelter, shelter" — has a simplistic, anthemic quality that makes it instantly unforgettable. Couple this with the beautiful arpeggiating synthesizers, and you have a song that will latch itself onto your brain in all the best ways.

But darkDark apparently was not content with just making a fantastic song, and also needed an exceptional video as well. The 360 VR visual was conceived, directed and animated by Remo Camerota, the famed visual artist.

"The video was Remo's vision of how the song inspired him. We love dark imagery and wanted it to articulate what the song is about: being caught in a loop between trying to hide from a fear or doubt and trying to stand up to it," says the band. "We imagined it as kind of a twilight, a coma you’re fighting though, as you try to figure out what to do. As you finally near an answer, the loop seems to reset, and the struggle begins again. When building the track, we envisioned a stark space with a dark presence, like a blacklight that you almost can’t see, but you know is there. We partnered with Remo because we liked his animated work and he had the idea to do something in VR with Tilt Brush, which we were instantly super into."

Keep your eyes peeled for more from darkDark this year. We think they are a group you'll be hearing a lot from in the very near-future.