Well, 22-year-old production great Mookhi just released the video of the day. The Sydney-based sonic mastermind first got our attention with her debut 'Foul Play' in January and now, she's released a stirring time capsule of intricately linked clips to bring her second offering 'Lacunae' to life. The imagery is just as obscure and intriguing as the instrumentation she uses.

"I saw 'Lacunae' as an exploration between old and new," she said. "I used modern techniques to synthesise sounds, but purposely treated them to capture an old, tattered, barely-in-tune vibe. This same idea permeated through to the creation of the video clip. I spent long hours rifling through old 35mm archival footage, being very particular in my selection. I wanted each frame to hold some symbolism or emotional effect. I wanted people to think after they watch it."