Moon Duo, is the side project of Wooden Shjips guitarist and singer Ripley Johnson. Johnson and collaborator Sanae Yamanda are known for creating sweeping soundscapes, with a goth slant. The weapons of choice are guitar, keyboards and organ, with a dash of feedback for good measure. The latest EP is loosely Halloween themed, so with that in mind, grab your pumpkin lantern and follow me.

They certainly set a dark tone on the opening track 'Horror Tour', which starts with some foreboding footsteps and a heavy door, slowly creaking open. A nice big drum beat and great guitar kick in, with the keyboard underscoring it all. The tempo is strong and steady, and when the vocal comes in it's touched with some effects, giving it a good sound. It feels like it's been recorded in a smoky room, littered with bourbon bottles. The guitar and bass go off for a wander and overall it's a very good opening track. 'Causing a Rainbow' doesn't sound very much like a Halloween themed track going by the name. The tempo is raised and the rhythm section move along a good pace. In some ways the track feels the antithesis of the opener. There's a choppy guitar and generally a lighter feel in tone to this instrumental track.

If the previous track name was a touch too happy, 'Sickener' fits the theme a little better. There's a little more of a dance feel to this track as it opens, There are some upbeat effects, before a cracking rhythm section kicks in. There's some colour from sparkling cymbals. There's a good pace to the track and just as repetition kicks in, a snarling guitar kicks in and livens things up a bit and it all goes a little wild. The tempo stays resolutely the same but effects, loops and guitar break it all up with wild flourishes. It does still feel a tad too long though, coming in at just over ten minutes long. The final track, 'Circle of evocation pt. 2' is just an experiment in sound. The sound is something akin to water and a jet engine on an aeroplane. That's essentially the final track in a nutshell. A strange one to end things.

All in all, this is an interesting EP. The opener, the most conventional sounding track here, is excellent. There's a mixed bag amongst the final three instrumental tracks. Still, the occasional oddity aside, it's a decent effort with lots of interesting and engaging moments.