Nothing on this earth is as large as the combination of Mash-Out Posse and Adam Fenton (Sorry... Adam F). If the scientists at the Large Hadron Collider ever manage to successfully fashion a black hole that subsequently threatens to pull the planet and everything on it into some kind of negative, bizarro-universe, with trees ripping out at the root and brick dust choking the atmosphere, only the attempted entry of MOP and Adam F will finally fill that chasm. The sound of stock explosions seemingly pilfered from Busta Rhymes' 'Extinction Level Event' alongside the wild-eyed apocalyptic rantings of Lil' Fame ("Manslaughter / live on a camcorder / I bring the hardcore for soldiers that got war"), unleashed in the basements of D'n'B clubs at the turn of the millennium was enough to convince most listeners that civilisation was ending, culture was finished, and the four horsemen were rocking a crew song. They even did a D'n'B remix, proving finally that the End of Days would be funky too.