They've only just started to clean the chalets from the Animal Collective curated ATP festival, yet those ATP guys have just announced a bunch more acts for the Nightmare Before Christmas festival (9-11 December 2011 at Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead). The following acts have been announced: UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE presents Intersteller Fugitives FOUR TET WILD FLAG (featuring members of Sleater Kinney) OXES TORO Y MOI SURFER BLOOD THEO PARRISH (4 Hour DJ Set) TOTAL CONTROL ORCHESTRA OF SPHERES Wild Flag, Oxes, Surfer Blood and Total Control were picked by Les Savy Fav, Underground Resistance were picked by Battles, Four Tet, Theo Parrish, Orchestra Of Spheres and Toro Y Moi were picked by Caribou. Tickets for Nightmare Before Christmas curated by Battles, Caribou & Les Savy Fav are priced at £170.00pp for room only and £180.00pp for self catering and are on sale via