Following on from the initial announcement at the end of last year for London festival Convergence, they have now confirmed a few more artists. Also appearing from 12th to 21st March around various London locations will be Andy Stott, Mouse on Mars, Shackleton, Paula Temple, Luke Abbott, K15, Snow Ghosts, Batida, Skip&Die, Alo Wala and Saycet.

The festival brings together not just artists and live music, but also media and technology – with people like Guardian Live, NTS, Noise of Art and on board – helping to spark discussions around music, with talks already planned on the subject of "The Future of Music" by George Clinton and Matthew Herbert. In addition, Kachette will be hosting the Convergence Sessions, a series of discussions and workshops based around two themes: Future of music industry and audio production and Innovation in multimedia, digital art, and live music visuals. Sounds fun and educational, right?

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Go check out Luke Abbott's guest mix for our Plastic Platform series (it's good)!