Months after dumping a bounty of unreleased material on SoundCloud, usually under ambiguous names in order to throw people off, Aphex Twin appears ready to unfurl another gamut of material on the streaming service.

Under his nondescript user name "user18081971", Richard D. James writes, "Im VERY happy to report that ive found loads more old tapes i never encoded or gave to anybody, been looking a lot on / off last few months and found around 7 tapes, most of which have 20+ tracks :))) Will upload/release soonish."

The news, caught by FACT, doesn't imply that James will be releasing any immediate physical material following up last year's dynamic Syro and his February EP Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2, but any music from the IDM legend is worthy of attention at this point.

Aphex Twin fans are currently voting on which of his unreleased Soundcloud tracks are their favorites (vote here), which also includes an in-depth Google Doc to keep up to date with the releases. The voting will be ongoing, and may result in a physical release down the road.

Stay tuned for more updates.