As you're probably aware, this weekend Morrissey actually took the stage for once in London to perform his only UK show of 2014 at the O2 arena. He then proceeded to pull a Kanye and rant about a good number of things, most of which the audience probably saw coming.

His number one topic of choice was his well-documented split from Harvest Records earlier on in the year after he released his new album World Peace is None of Your Business. He quipped that the record was "immediately deleted by a very clever record label", and moved on to another topic: the Royal Family. He did this by using a backdrop of Kate and William alongside the phrase "United King-dumb". Witty.

Last but certainly not least he touched on his outspoken views towards veganism and eating meat during what other song than 'Meat Is Murder'. He said “I was interested to read in the last couple of days that 75 per cent of chickens sold in the UK are contaminated and poisonous. I thought to myself ‘ha-ha-ha-ha-ha’.” Ah, Moz. You never fail to irritate.