Morrissey had planned to reissue 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' as a tribute to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. But Morrissey claims that the release of the Years Of Refusal (2009) track has been blocked by Universal Music.

In a statement posted on Morrissey fansite True To You, he said:

  • "David Joseph at Universal Music in London has refused the request made by Morrissey and the band to re-issue 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' as a loving tribute to the lives lost in the Paris atrocities. David Joseph is instead arranging his own tribute to Paris utilizing his current crop of Universal artists."

Universal then responded with the following statement, refuting Morrissey's claims:

  • "We have not received – let alone refused – any request from Morrissey himself related to ‘I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris’. While we have not been contacted directly by Morrissey, after seeing the comments on his website last week, we asked his representative to confirm his intentions and which charity he had in mind to support via the song’s proceeds. We are yet to receive a reply.

  • "Many people at Universal Music have been personally affected by the events in Paris. The implication that we have blocked a request from Morrissey in favour of another tribute “utilizing our current crop of Universal artists” is hurtful and wrong."

Now, and most recently, Morrissy has countered this refute with yet another statement:

  • "Universal Music (London) have denied refusing to re-issue Morrissey's I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris in support of the victims of the recent Paris atrocities.

  • "Morrissey is in possession of a letter from John Reid at Russells (London) in which it is clearly stated that David Joseph of Universal Music (London) has no interest in re-issuing I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris, but has instead planned his own tribute to the Paris victims for December which will only involve current Universal bands.

  • "Universal Music has claimed to be "hurt" by the suggestion that such a letter exists.

  • "The letter can be freely made available to anyone who wishes to read it."

It's safe to say that, with Morrissey and a major label involved, this petty tit-for-tat statement tennis in the wake of actual human suffering and loss will continue. He could've just, you know, posted the song (below) on Twitter and said "Thinking of Paris victims today," or something to that degree. But no: it's the Morrissey show.