After what seemed like a never-ending ride of tumultuous events, accusations, and cancellations, iconic singer and activist Morrissey joined the stage of Larry King Now with host Larry King in a direct, open interview.

During the discussion, the 56-year-old singer and former Smiths frontman discussed his recent incident at the San Francisco International Airport where he claims he was "groped", saying, that the security member "went straight for my private bits." As well, the usually political Morrissey opened up about his previous accusations that U.S. President Barack Obama "seemed white on the inside," along with current GOP presidential nominee front-runner Donald Trump. Whom, just taking a guess, either doesn't know who Morrissey is or will just call him a "loser" like he does with everyone else.

Check out several portions of the interview below, which was billed as the first for the Moz in 10 years. At the end of the taping, Morrissey performs 'Kiss Me Alot' for the crowd from his 2014 album World Peace Is None Of Your Business.