Ah, Morrissey. Morrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey. It's like nothing he does is shocking anymore, from starting a feud with the Canadian government to trying to get another band's show cancelled because they're playing in the same venue on the same night, just in different rooms. He's also notorious for cancelling gigs, so when he announced his most recent tour, fans were pretty skeptical to even buy tickets in case he did cancel/postpone. He had been doing okay so far, but earlier this week he canceled his Atlanta show due to a virus and now his gig at Atlantic City's Revel Casino Hotel has been postponed from June 6 to June 22. According to a Facebook post, "The tour will resume as originally scheduled, without question, at the Boston Opera House on Saturday, June 7." We'll see about that.

Morrissey-Solo.com also noted that Kristeen Young won't be continuing on the tour as the opening act, so that's a bummer if you were wanting to see her as well. Moz's new record World Peace is None of Your Business drops on 15 July though Harvest.