Morrissey has posted another rant on, this time about the Brit Awards. In it, the singer calls the whole thing "bogus" and says they are "one of those moments not unlike the hourly BBC News, where the elite decide what it is that the people want, and then slyly attempt to weave it into populist culture."

"The Brit Awards do not ask the public who they would like to see receive awards - for that would be to risk too much," he continues. "Yet the fierce insistence is that artists are rewarded for their prominence in the previous twelve months because, after all, 'it's what everybody wants.' Thus, for 2015, we have MacDonna, who had a quiet 2014 (but who is quite usefully about to release her new album!), yet here she is again promoting her frightening career on the Brit Awards even though her music has not ever said anything at all about British life".

He also compares it to the Mercury Prize, saying it "lands like a voodoo doll in the hands of the unlucky recipient... a Brit Award generally goes to a lot of shriveled young souls who have not earned it."

He concludes the post by saying, "in much the same way that the BBC News present editorials instead of actual genuine news reports (we are absolutely assured by the BBC that Prince Andrew is innocent, even though the BBC has no possible way of knowing), the Brit Awards have come to define what is neither talent nor star, having paid no attention to what is true."

You can read it in full here.