Morrissey has unbosomed another track off his forthcoming record World Peace Is None Of Your Business, due out on July 14th. The song is called 'Kick the Bride Down the Aisle', and was recorded at one of the gigs on the singer's current US tour that he's managed to get through without cancelling due to some undetermined ailment.

The song has Morrissey displaying his singular brand of cynicism with such lyrics as "Kick the bride down the aisle / Look at that cow / In the field it knows more than your bride knows now." The track certainly shows a touch more of the knowing humour we love the man for than the opening track off the album, 'Earth is the Loneliest Planet of All', which is a little hard-going even at just 58 seconds long.

Listen to the track below, including some people talking over the quieter bits, as people do these days.

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