Professional grouch and tour cancellation expert Morrissey isn't one to mince words.

After going on the record of dismissing England's royal family and pretty much any meat-producing or selling industry in the world, the former Smiths frontman took his ire back to politics. In a recent interview with Alternative Nation, the singer proclaimed that U.S. President Barack Obama "seems to be white inside."

He goes on, noting last year's events in Ferguson, Missouri when African American teenager Michael Brown was killed by police after an alleged confrontation. He says, "If Michael Brown had instead been one of Obama's daughters, I don't think Obama would be insisting that the nation support the so-called security forces! How can they be called security forces if they make the people feel insecure?"

He went on to say, "There is an obvious racial division in America and it's exploding and Obama doesn't ever support the innocent black people who are murdered by white police officers who are never held accountable. You would expect him to be more understanding of what it means to be black. But so far, he hasn't been.​ There's no point in continually saying that we must support the police when it is obvious to the entire world that the police in America are out of control."

Continuing his discussion on U.S. politics, Morrissey noted that he believes Hilary Clinton will win the 2016 presidential election outright because she doesn't have much in the way of competition. However, he does not believe simply electing a female politician is a cure-all; "A female president won't necessarily change anything because, as with Margaret Thatcher, if it goes wrong, the people would never again allow a woman to take the lead. Thatcher actually obliterated any hope for women in British politics, as recent history has shown, and of course, she was actually fired from her own position by her own party! If her own party couldn't stand her then you can imagine how the British people felt about her!"

As for being "white on the inside," it's hard to argue that a musician who's most prominent cultural acclaim is being staunchly vegan and creating depressing music isn't the most white thing possible.