Morrissey's 1992 song 'I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday' soundtracks PETA's new video about a chicken called 'Nugget' (ahh, we see what you did there) who is "separated from his mother and spends his life dreaming of escaping a cruel factory farm and reuniting with her."

Look, if all those videos of suffering animals your friends post on Facebook haven't convinced you to stay clear of KFC/McDonalds etc then it's unlikely Anna Saunders' animated video will be the tipping point. However, Morrissey is set to use the video on his upcoming tour, which is still better than watching Cliff Richard and Tom Jones.

The video also ties in with Morrissey's 55th birthday (May 22nd): "The best way for anyone to celebrate Morrissey's birthday is to go vegan—not 'someday,' but today" says PETA's Lisa Lange. Watch the video below.

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