Fresh from being knocked to the ground in San José by a fan, Morrissey decided this week wouldn't be complete with doing some fighting himself.

To get you up to speed, Morrissey tried to cancel PAWS' set with We Are Scientists last night due to it clashing with his (the venue - The Observatory in Santa Ana - has two music spaces). As PAWS put it, "this is an unbelievable act of complete and utter selfishness that should not be tolerated. This rich, has-been, ego maniac acting like a baby throwing toys from a pram."

However, We Are Scientists followed this up with another post which seemed to suggest that Morrissey's demands weren't that bad considering the effect it could have on his fans/show:

"When it became apparent that Morrissey's set was going to overlap with the WAS/PAWS bill, everybody really did agree that couldn't work -- even though the two venues are separated by a reasonably thick wall," says Chris from We Are Scientists. "Moz fans wouldn't have been able to hear a lick of what they'd paid to see. Both bands on our bill play at nuclear volume, triumphant volume, and it goes right through walls. Putting on the two shows simultaneously would be like screening a mumblecore film and a Michael Bay movie in theaters divided by a cotton bed sheet. So we've moved the WAS/PAWS show a little later, which will probably come as a nice surprise to our fans, many of whom have had to set their alarms especially early this afternoon in order to make the show."

Past behaviour suggests that Moz probably handled the situation badly, but ultimately it highlights the need for smarter venue booking.

Update: PAWS have posted a detailed explanation as to what happened yesterday, and it seems they were right to blast the singer and his camp: "To feel like you're being demeaned, disrespected and almost bullied by ANYONE feels terrible but to feel like this is happening and that are hands are tied purely because of the perceived stature of a celebrity, seems utterly ridiculous and frankly, unacceptable."

Read the full post here.

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