Moshi Moshi, the universally loved label, are kicking off a new club night in London this month!

The night is called Smorgasbord, it takes place at The Drop in Stoke Newington, the first night is on October 14th, it will cost you £4 entry and will rum from 10pm-2am.

Michael Moshi had this to say about it:

"Coming off the back of a summer of festival gigs we were starting to tire of our repertoire a little so we decided to set ourselves a challenge and force ourselves to think outside the (record) box. Each month we're going to randomly select a theme and DJ around it". Expect a low-fi Wheel Of Fortune affair featuring categories like Crap Rap, The Clap, Euphemisms…. and an evening of pleasant surprises. That, or a slow-motion audio car crash. At the very least it guarantees a different experience each time and hopefully something delightfully unique."

The first night will see Owen Clarke from Hot Chip playing his favourite tracks, followed by Beccy Taylor from Slow Club.