"I personally prefer to view my hardcore pornography and cute cat videos separately."

The 405's Stephen Bevan presents the most controversial music videos of 2014 (so far). Themes include rhythm-possessed genitalia, Tom Hanks as a gangster, Pornhub premieres and a lady urinating. Certainly puts Miley Cyrus sticking her tongue out into perspective, doesn't it?

It goes without saying that the material you'll find below is pretty NSFW, so unless your boss is happy with you watching a lady straddling a horse, you might wanna wait until you get home to press play on these. You've been warned.

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1. DJ Snake & Lil Jon - 'Turn Down For What' [Dir: Daniels]

Great dance music will always make you want to move - usually resulting in an involuntary thrusting of limbs. Directing duo 'Daniels' take things to the extreme in this video with rhythm-possessed genitalia literally busting through walls. Twerking was so 2013.

2. Fat White Family - 'Touch The Leather (Redux)' [Dir: Roger Sargent]

Roger Sargent's suitably seedy vision for Fat White Family's 'Touch The Leather (Redux)', the video features front man Lias Saudi sat in a dive bar looking like he's ready to bash your teeth in. A man rolls in and out of the carefully composed frame, teasing his bare arse (and a good deal of ball sack) at the lens. Bring these components all together and it just works, excellently. After watching the video it's hard to imagine anything else more fitting.

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3. JMSN - 'The One' [Dir: JMSN]

Albanian American JMSN directs his own music videos and has released this controversial, yet magnificently shot promo for 'The One'. The video opens on a close-up of a female urinating herself, then goes on to explore themes of S&M, body image and self-worth. This highly sexual video is beautiful and arresting - it deserves your attention.

4. Buckwheat Groats - 'Tom Hanks' [Dir: Jared Lapidus & Buckwheat Groats]

Usually if a music video contains copious amounts of drug use, gun violence and scantily-clad women that's enough to class it as controversial, but in Buckwheat Groats' new video that barely even registers. This lot have gone and taken the likeness of big screen legend Tom Hanks and superimposed his head into increasingly hedonistic and hilarious scenes. If you ever wanted to see Tom Hanks in a gangster film, this video could well fill that void. Well done internet, you were made for this.

5. Xiu Xiu - 'Black Dick' [Dir: Unknown]

If you've read this far then you're probably a fan of controversy, but I'll extend to you a further warning: this video is hosted on PornHub for a reason.

Premiering a music video via a porn website was going to happen eventually, and when making a video for a song titled 'Black Dick'. I imagine options are somewhat limited. Xiu Xiu have cut together hardcore porn videos with clips of cute cats, which seems to summarise 90% of the internet. Whether you see this as pushing boundaries or a cheap publicity trick is up to you. I personally prefer to view my hardcore pornography and cute cat videos separately.

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