At a certain altitude, everything becomes clear. You're able to see what's ahead and exactly how you'll get there. It's the kind of view that's void of all distractions. It's just you. And sometimes, it's better that way.

Toronto-creative, Moula 1st embraces the coherence on his brand-new single 'Airplane' - a self-produced downcast anthem toiling with welcomed self-assurance and detailing the focus it takes to get to the top through gritty optimism. The track is the rising Rexdale rapper's follow-up to the Pyrex-assisted track 'Wake Up,' and a lead-up to his forthcoming Project Rex EP.

"Airplane is a mindset. You get in that zone, focused - airplane mode. Nothing's going to bother you. You're just going after your goals. Airplane is about embracing who you are and whatever you do - and being the best at it. It's a celebration of self," he said. Listen to 'Airplane' below and find it on Apple Music here.