MOURN recently announced the release of their third album Sorpresa Familia, an album drawing inspiration from a tumultuous few years they've had as a band and channeling it into short and sharp bursts. The first single was 'Barcelona City Tour', which turned its wholesome title on its head with its lyrical content, and the Spanish band has done it again - and just as thrillingly - with new track 'Fun At The Geysers'.

They tell the story of their trip to Iceland which inspired the song: "The people from the label that came with us [to Reykjavik] were telling us that through the years we'd learn how to endure being hungry. They didn't really care about us at that point. We arrived to the city, ate something and went to sleep right away. The next day we woke up and found ourselves alone in Reykjavík without money or food. The people from the record label had taken a taxi to visit the geysers without telling us. We found out because one of them posted a photo on Instagram. They payed for their excursion with the money the festival was paying us, as usual, counting it as "expenses.""

That furious and unimpressed feeling is clinging to the song 'Fun At The Geysers', as MOURN sardonically intone their way through the verses, the tension building in their taut post-punk. Their guitars then weave and hurtle as they explode into the damning ending of the song, ripping apart their former label for having 'Fun At The Geysers'.

Fortunately there was something of a happy ending, as they got to return to Iceland to film the video for 'Fun At The Geysers'. Check it out below.

Sorpresa Familia comes out through Captured Tracks on June 15th.