Barcelona band MOURN have been fast risers on the world punk scene in the last few years with the release of their self-titled debut album in 2014 and its follow-up Ha, Ha, He. in 2016. Since that release they've had some tumultuous times, touring the world, getting caught up in legal trouble with their Spanish label and eventually parting ways with them. This hasn't slowed down their productivity though, as they'll continue their every-other-year album release with this June's Sopresa Familia on Captured Tracks.

Despite the bitterness that would be justified given what they've been through, Sopresa Familia ("surprise family") is ultimately a loving tribute to their experiences, as they explain:

"We like to understand records as personal diaries. Everything you live builds you as a person, so we think it builds your art as well. We use songs as a way to express ourselves and to organize our ideas and thoughts. We use them to understand our own feelings and to grow emotionally. This album sums up everything we’ve lived during the past two years, it wasn’t easy to open up, but we did it anyway without fear. Every frustration, disappointment, delusion, anger... We got everything out, we liberated ourselves and now we’re ready for everything that comes up. The lyrics are very literal; they are our raw experiences --without makeup. We show our most animal side, reduced to our most intense and visceral emotions. Of all we’ve lived, we keep the experiences, what was learned, all the mistakes and successes. Now we know life is SORPRESA (surprise), but above all it is FAMILIA (family)."

The first track to be revealed from Sopresa Familia is 'Barcelona City Tour'. If you thought that taking listeners on a tour of their home city would be a bright and joyous occasion, think again; 'Barcelona City Tour' is a snotty rebuff to any attempts to get closer to them. With a repeated screamed chorus of "what a shame/ you're not ashamed" immediately lurching into a jagged post-punk ejection, it's a thrilling snub, and one that you'd be happy to have spat in your face several times in a row.

Speaking candidly about the track's intention, MOURN have said “This song is the result of a lot of things we got to endure from people who prefer to remain quiet and live exploited, in exchange to be part of something they consider exclusive.” It also comes with a video of the band wandering around Barcelona, which is a bit more welcoming than the song itself. Watch and listen below.

Sopresa Familia comes out through Captured Tracks on June 15th and can be pre-ordered here.