Movie News
Top of the movie news column this week has to be the return of Avatar to our cinema screens. Apparently grossing the most amount of money ever in the history of cinema (over $2,000,000) was not enough for James Cameron and the team behind the blue people from Pandora. The film returns to the IMAX on the 23rd September, and if you happen to be one of the few people in the world who has not seen this film yet then make sure that a trip to see Avatar in 3D (with 9 minutes of extra footage) is in your diary. 3D is often used to no, or even ill effect in many films, but when James 'Titanic' Cameron took hold of the three dimensional camera equipment he created a spectacular visual experience and definitely one that is not to be missed.
In other news George Clooney’s newest film The American has claimed the top spot of the box office on the other side of the pond. It’s a cool drama about a hit man on one last job... but who can he trust? This type of material should be right up the Oceans Eleven star's street and will undoubtedly produce a fine film, but it just seems a little too easy for George these days. Anyway, check out the clip below and see what you think:
While a whole host of new trailers have hit the net over the past week there are a couple of gems in the pack that are definitely worth keeping an eye on. The first is an intense thriller from Darren Aronofsky starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis about two rival ballet dancers. This may not sound too appealing at first but the trailer certainly succeeds in wetting my appetite for a dark and sinister supernatural thriller.
On a completely different note there exists the interesting drama The Romantics. Starring a whole host of rising stars and concerning the relationship and intertwining romances of a group of close friends.
Finally in the movie column we have the latest cinema release in the UK. The good people over at Resident Evil HQ have seen fit to grant us a fourth installment of the series. Whilst the first of these films presented to us in 2002 was a relatively enjoyable film, the rest of the series has been progressively more disappointing. This latest installment sees the studio clutching at a withering franchise easily comparable to the simply terrible Saw films of recent years. However, don’t let me sway you as you check out the trailer below featuring the films' biggest selling point: the fact that it uses the same camera as the James Cameron (...or Mila jovovich). Suddenly I feel envious of the post-apocalyptic world where such dreary pieces of film don’t exist.