Movie News Roundup
A couple new trailers this week to talk about. First of all there is Never Say Never, which is not the unofficial Bond film starring Sean Connery but is in fact the biographical film about, and starring, Justin Bieber. It seems simply ludicrous that a young adult of seventeen already has a film about his life but check out the trailer below if you don’t believe me. The second trailer of the week comes from veteran actor Liam Neeson in the form of Unknown. Clearly another action packed epic from the Taken star this film looks pretty interesting and could easily be another surprise hit especially with Diane Kruger and Frank Langella supporting. The trailer for the new film Tron: Legacy has been out for well over a month now however the House of Mouse has just released this music video from Daft Punk with some excellent scenes from the film. Here’s the brief snippet to wet your appetites as the sequel to this iconic cult film draws ever nearer. Now it may not be strictly film related but with MGM still sorting out their financial problems the new James Bond game Blood Stone is as close as any of us are going to get to 007 for a long time. But if you check out the trailer below it’s clear to see that although they might be short of money they are certainly not short of good ideas. A few weeks after scaring it’s way to the top of the US box office Paranormal Activity 2 has done the same thing on this side of the pond. It’s an amazing achievement for a franchise that started with two actors and a director shooting in his own house. Finally, there is huge news on the Batman front. Christopher Nolan, currently locked up in producing the newest Superman film, has revealed some information about the latest instalment from the caped crusader. The new film will be called The Dark Knight Rises and perhaps even more shocking the acclaimed director has revealed that the film will not include The Riddler. July 2012 is looking very exciting indeed.