By Paul Metcalf We live in a world of three dimensions, and film makers want us to finally realise that. If we believe the hype, no longer will we be burdened by the two dimensions in movies. A revolution is taking place. 3D movies are once again all the rage. We are about to be swamped with more than we can handle but is this a good thing? James Cameron certainly believes we must all jump on his 3D train and his vision of the movie future. We’ve all probably experienced 3D movies. In the 1980’s we had movies such as Jaws 3-D and Friday 13 th Part 3. The experience was hardly exciting and the gimmick did not stick around that long. Now though we are into a sudden upsurge of 3D animated movies spurred on by Cameron’s work with Stereoscopic 3D. Why are there so many 3D animated movies? Animation moulds itself very easily to the 3D world that is created. The director has full control over what we see, whereas on a live action movie there can be too many variables that just confuse the process and make it easy to get wrong. For quick money Hollywood takes the easy path. Of course in between animation and live action lives such movies as Avatar or as Cameron wants us to know it “the future of movies”. Cameron has been working on Avatar for over a decade and now he claims it’s ready to guide us through this 3D revolution. The question has to be though, is this future what we want? While the footage released last month looks amazing, will story survive under all that 3D CGI? To make any movie a success it must tell a strong story and a believable one. It’s the director’s job to take us by the hand and walk us through the world they’ve created. To make us believe the story and draw us in. If we don’t believe in it, we don’t invest in the movie. James Cameron can tell a good story. He’s given us Terminator, wowed us with Aliens, made Titanic one of the highest grossing movies of all time. The man has the credentials to create what could be the most stunning movie ever. Signs are he could have another hit on his hands, but the internet has already seen a Cameron backlash since the Avatar trailer premiered last month. The internet always brings home that not everybody buys into movie industry hype. The industry loves 3D right now. Some use it wrong and some use it right. Disney/Pixar are an example of how to do it right. They use strong storylines in all their movies and 3D is only used to enhance the experience for kids. The horror genre on the other hand is the dark side of 3D. Instruments of death being thrown at the audience in glorious 3D quickly becomes old.Viewers always prefer a movie like Up than something like My Bloody Valentine 3D. It’s storyline that will and must always come first, something too often ignored. Cameron will probably jump the 3D shark with Avatar and give us a good movie. If it’s a success perhaps he can teach other directors how to use the 3D the right way. As a movie goer I hope that 3D does not take over all movie genres. 3D is only of use in action movies and animation not for other genres such as drama. We cannot lose the power of emotion and the cathartic experience just because the decision was made to make the movie 3D. It will always be a gimmick and bring in money, but the hope has to be that the beauty of storytelling is not lost in that third dimension. I’d rather be moved by a human emotion than be pushed back into my seat because of some object flying at me any day.