Mr Fogg immersed himself in everything Icelandic recently, with second album Eleven released earlier over the summer - an album that was recorded in Reykjavik with Valgeir Sigurdsson. (He even included Sigurdsson in his mix for us earlier this year.)

And it certainly shows in the multi-instrumentlist's latest gorgeous-cum-abrasive single, 'Tightrope', taken from the LP. Favourite of The 405 Crewdson has gotten involved and created a stunning remix of the track, opting for a subtle slow-build before laying down some smooth beats, followed by a chopped and looped vocal crescendo-frenzy. Turn it up to experience some tremendous bass, as the track begins in the eye of the hurricane before emerging into a beautiful storm. Efterklang meets Ghosting Season. Skál!

'Tightrope' is out on October 1st, and you can download the remix in this very page.