Having already shared the first track from his upcoming new album – the satisfyingly stressful and machine-like 'Machyne' – Mr. Oizo drops yet another track. It's either going to scare you into submission or whip you up into its frenzy of deeply stuck repetition and it's called 'Bear Biscuit'.

Beginning a fuzz of white noise distortion, the song drops into a wonky mania of stabbing chords and foam-bullet synths, set against a slow, narcotic beat that seems to saunter along with a real sense of brashness. Murderous machine gun sampling of a funky-sounding song leaves your ears in absolute tatters then nurses them with a longer, softer fragment of its fabric. Happily, it's mental as usual.

Maybe you should pre-order the album its taken from, The Church, upcoming on 18th November via Flying Lotus's label, BRAINFEEDER.