Since their origin, it's not only been their name that has changed, but Mr Twin Sister's sound has morphed a long way from their lo-fi dream pop origins. With their last album, Mr Twin Sister, they had undoubtedly moved right into the realms of disco and funk. That's where they pick up on their new single, 'Jaipur', but they already seem to be shifting again.

'Jaipur' is propelled by a distinctly Indian rhythm, skipping playfully and irrepressibly forward. Mr Twin Sister apply their magic to this framework with aplomb, with echoing slaps and staccato melodies accentuating the new element, while their trademark washes of guitar and saxophone still waft comfortably into this new realm. Singer Andrea Estella vocally grows into the song, as the confessions of her dejection become more pointed; she feels she can't hold on to the person she desires, even if she tried. The frustration of this emotion gets caught up with the pace of the track, before it breaks for a minor string interlude, and then hops back into the previously established groove to ride out the song's blissfully contemplative final minutes.

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