The eclectic jazz pop of Ms. White is addicting, fun and fabulous. But it is also thought-provoking. Her upcoming EP, Jade, which is due out this September, has been posited as a musical walk through her gender transition. This kind of project is poised to possess an emotional core that will stun listeners. But there is always room for a little bit of fun, and Ms. White's newest single, 'Stone Street' is full of it.

Named for the historic street in New York City's Financial District, 'Stone Street' is bubbling over with confidence, pulsing synthesized instruments and a sheen coat of cotton candy fantasia. As Ms. White proclaims that she'll be "where the rich men go," you can help but want to strut around your bedroom. It doesn't matter if your stage is in the bedroom of a rich businessman or in your own little studio, 'Stone Street' will make you feel like you are on top of the world. Beneath the surface, however, is something a little less fun as Ms. White documents "a semi-autobiographical affair from glossy start to morbid finish."

All the same, 'Stone Street' is a glittery, glossy ball of ecstasy that is absolutely addicting. If it is any sign, you won't want to miss Ms. White's Jade EP this September. In the meantime, stream 'Stone Street' below.